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Dr. Fitch started the framework of the Sports Vision Program when he began working in Vision Therapy.  When Dr. Cundiff joined the team at Vision Care Center, he used his athletic background and experience working with athletes to develop and build this specialized program.


The Sports Vision Program aims to propel you to top-notch athletic competition.  A well-trained body can only achieve what the eyes can see.  It takes a lot more than just "20/20" vision to compete at the top level.  If you are interested in peak athletic performance, then this program is for you.  Ask Dr. Cundiff for details.


Every sport imaginable has visual elements that are critical to success in that sport.  From baseball to golf to football to gymnastics, each sport carries its unique set of visual skills important for success.  Eye on the Ball

  • Hitting a baseball
  • Shooting a three-pointer
  • Lining up a putt
  • Catching a touchdown pass
  • Hunting a deer
  • Judging a fly ball in baseball / softball
  • Aproaching the net in volleyball / tennis
  • Landing an airplane


  • Sports Vision Clinics and Team Screenings: On site screenings at your school or practice facility to evaluate the visual status of each athlete.
  • Team Reports: Statistical comparison of each athlete on your team to athletes from across the country and world in the same age group, sport, etc.
  • Comprehensive Sports Vision Training: In office detailed sport vision examination which will evaluate an athlete's visual skills in a one-on-one environment.  A training program will then be developed and scheduled according to one's off-season or pre-season schedule.
  • Optometric assistance: Glasses, contact lenses, sunwear, protective goggles.  We also provide teams with Eye Care Kits to treat on-site eye problems.
  • Talks and Presentations: Dr. Cundiff has given numerous sports vision presentations to a variety of audiences - local coaches organizations, park boards, teams, etc.  If you are interested in learning more, this is a great opportunity to learn and ask questions.

Dr. Cundiff has worked with athletes of all ages and ability levels across Central Illinois and across the US.  He trained at Indiana University where he worked with Hoosier athletes.  He has also performed sports vision screenings at the AAU Junior Olympics and the Special Olympics.  Locally, he has worked with several Little League baseball players, high school athletes, and the Peoria Rivermen.




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