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VCC eye logo Macular Degeneration in the family?

Macular Degeneration (MD) is a disease of the retina which is the leading cause of vision loss and blindness among Americans who are age 65 and older.  Do you have family members - parents, siblings, grandparents - with MD?  Your risk of developing this disease increases if there are others in your family that has it.  Studies show that other risk factors are smoking and exposure to sunlight.  At every eye exam, Dr. Fitch and Dr. Cundiff examine your retina carefully to monitor any changes that might indicate macular degeneration.

Quick Tips: Wear polarized UV protective sunglasses when outdoors.  Stop smoking.  And nourish your macula with nutritional supplements - spinach salads, foods high in Omega 3 fatty acids, fish oils, and blueberries.  The 2 most critical vitamins to protect and nourish the retina: Lutein and Zeaxanthin.  Vision Care Center sells a vitamin called EyePromise, which contains more Zeaxanthin than any other supplement on the market, to help in the fight against macular degeneration.


VCC eye logo  What's that puff of air all about?

The test that puffs air into your eyes is a screening test for the eye disease glaucoma.  By sending a stream of air towards the front surface of your eye (the cornea), the machine is able to measure the speed at which the rebound comes back.  It is the same principal of animals using sonar to communicate.  Glaucoma typically results from elevated eye pressure - a buildup of fluid behind the cornea.  This increased pressure over time puts strain on the back of the eye where it affects the optic nerve.  If nerve damage occurs, it may lead to peripheral vision loss.  As long as it's caught early, glaucoma can be managed and controlled.  So that is why you receive the infamous puff of air during your routine eye exam.


VCC eye logo  What's new in contact lenses?

Every year advances are made in contact lens technology - new materials, new lens designs, new principles.  The healthiest form of soft contact lenses on the market is daily disposable lenses.  This modality features unparalleled comfort and health for the cornea.  Each day the wearer puts on a brand new, factory sealed lens.  There is never a risk of contamination from the previous day's lenses.  Corneal infections are nearly non-existent in daily disposable wearers.  Most everyone would agree that nothing compares to the comfort of switching to a brand new pair of lenses after a month or so of wearing the old ones.  So why not experience this comfort every single day?  Ask Dr. Fitch or Dr. Cundiff if "Dailies" are right for you.


VCC eye logo  Is your child:

Having trouble staying on task?

Taking 2 hours to complete 20 minutes worth of homework?

Smart in everything but school?

Then read about visual therapy.  You might be surprised to see that your child has been exhibiting these symptoms all along.  The symptoms are easy to go unnoticed, especially if the child doesn't need eyeglasses for distance vision.  There is a lot more to the visual system than just 20/20 eyesight.  Read more at our Vision Therapy page: VCC Vision Enhancement Center.


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